A Frenchman’s Guide to Cheese and the Perfect Cheeseboard

There’s nothing more French than a cheese tasting (and smelling) session. Alex Gabriel, a local Parisian chef and owner of the French Guy Cooking YouTube channel has made the perfect video guide to French cheeses.

While Gabriel gets his cheese from a French fromagerie in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, we can’t all book our tickets to France to pick up some authentic cheeses (no matter how much we want to!). So he also makes suggestions for similar cheeses you can find all over the world and in the U.S.!


On top of tasting and smelling each cheese (some of which are extremely potent) Gabriel also gives a beautiful demonstration of putting together an aesthetically pleasing cheese board, by adding fruits, nuts, and spreads to the platter. Altogether, it makes for a show-stopping center piece that would be perfect for a party or apéro.

Watch the video above for #cheeseinspo (which I know is not a legit hashtag, but I’m making it one)!