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A French Teen’s Snapchat Just Got Her Convicted Of Planning Terrorist Attacks

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The French woman identified only as Janna C. was barely 18 years old when she was arrested under the suspicion that she was planning to commit jihad in France.

Janna’s online activity was what got her busted, when, after Googling explosives and mentioning her intentions to family and friends, the young woman posted about her desire to carry out a suicide bombing over Snapchat. This was back in 2016, but it took until this week for prosecutors to sentence Janna to 7 years in prison.

But Janna wasn’t alone on the court bench, because another radicalized woman associated with her, Djelika S., was sentenced to 6 years in prison for plans to go to Syria to join a terrorist group.

This will be the first case in French history where terrorism convictions have been placed purely as a result of online behavior, and will likely set a precedent for similar cases for decades to come.

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