A Feminist’s Guide to Paris

Every culture has its forgotten women, but few have more spectacularly forgotten women than the city of Paris.

French writer Charlotte Soulary has set out to change that, with a new book called, La Guide de Voyage: Paris, which tells the #herstory of a city which owes so much of its long and illustrious past to women. Soulary tells the stories of women like feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, lauded novelist and famed crossdresser Georges Sand, and chemist Marie Curie. But one of her personal favorites is Olympe de Gouges, a playwright and political activist who was executed for essentially satirizing a crucial document of the French Revolution called the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen. De Gouges’s essay was called the Declaration of the Rights of the Woman and of the Female Citizen, one of the first true feminist manifestos ever writ into being.


Every citizen, male or female, deserves to know the incredible people behind their own history, and now Parisians can take a step in that direction. While Soulary’s book is currently still only available in French, those of you feeling adventurous can purchase a copy here, and get a mini-preview (in French) in this video.

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