A Day In The Life Of French Beauty Guru Violette

“For me, beauty is not here to change who you are, it’s here to support who you are and celebrate who you are in your femininity. I feel like it’s just about how you feel. And if you use makeup as a tool, it’s a celebration of yourself. And it should be.”

It’s true what they say that celebs are just like us… except, you know, for the multi-million dollar Brooklyn workshop/house, infinite beauty products, and endless designer wardrobe. Meet Violette, a makeup designer and Global Beauty Director for French cosmetics company Estée Lauder. In this collaboration with Porter, Violette takes viewers through her typical day. She gives insights on her beauty routine, her fashion style, and why she moved from Paris to New York (and then almost immediately to Brooklyn).


You’ll also get a surprise peek inside a day at the office at Estée Lauder’s New York headquarters, and Violette’s own home workshop filled with endless drawers of makeup and pigments. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for her new collection, La Dangereuse, which hasn’t quite yet made it to the States. But here’s hoping.