9 Quintessential Marseillais Phrases You Should Know

Every French dialect has its own unique quirks, but few are as truly one-of-a-kind as Marseillais French, spoken in the Southern port city of Marseille.

A beautiful city with Italian, Arabic, African, and Spanish influences, Marseille has a lot of expressions particular to the region. In this video with Easy French, you’ll get to know the meaning, as well as the historic significance, of just a few. Starting with the booming 19th century silk industry which gave the people of Marseille, “depuis l’an pèbre” (“it’s been a long time”), to the Italian pasta which transfigured pastis into “pastaga,” and of course they couldn’t leave out some key phrases for when you’re enjoying the ultimate Marseille pastime of pétanque.


So it’s time to brush up on your Marseille slang. That is, unless you want someone to t’emboucaner until you’re ready to caner, and feel like an absolute fagoli.