The 5-Step French Girl Workout With Model Caroline de Maigret

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In New York, work out culture is huge. Whether you’re trading Soulcycle stories with your friends over coffee, telling your co-worker about a new yoga class you went to last night, or headed out for a Sunday morning jog with the rest of the city, working out is a major part of life and conversation.

In France, it’s a little different. First of all, work out clothes? Not so chic. And even though we’ve accepted them into daily life here in the U.S., a French woman would probably never choose to wear Nikes over classier black flats.

Secondly, for the French, working out is only something you do if you need to. So unless you’re a professional athlete training for your next tournament, there is not really any need.

And finally, the best exercise is merely enjoying day to day life. Who would want to go running when they could be drinking wine with their friends? The French have better things to do.

This leads us to the age old question: if no one is exercising, how do French people stay so thin? French model Caroline de Maigret is here to help us understand. While her 5-step workout isn’t exactly the same as an hour on the elliptical, it’s one that I could start to get used to:


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