5 Must-Eat Places in Paris

Have you ever tried to eat your way through Paris in one day? It is not a feat for the faint of stomach, but a worthy quest for anyone brave enough to try it.

YouTube darling Alex Gabriel, also known as French Guy Cooking, takes us on a tour of his top five spots to eat and drink in Paris. This is not a culinary tour for the tourist looking to spend €10 on hot chocolate at Angelina. Alex’s spots are chic, local, and infinitely charming.


Beginning with le petit déjeuner (or breakfast), Alex takes us on a fantasy day of eating. Breakfast, lunch, goûter, apéro, and dinner are all on the schedule, and all locations have vibes that err on the side of “too cool for you.” If anything catches your eye and you want a little extra time to linger over the légumes, you can always spread your trips out. (And don’t forget to make time to listen to the bread.)

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