5 Easy French Girl Hairstyles for Summer

You might not be able to get a haircut right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something with that quarantine overgrowth.

In this ParisianVibe video, Belgian model Joy Van Der Eecken invites Parisian hairstylist Cyril Laforet into her home in Paris to teach viewers 5 of the trendiest French Girl hairstyles for summer. The first look is a wavy natural ‘do that uses salt spray and a curling iron to get effortless wind-tossed curls. There’s also an adorable look with tiny braids perfect for sticking wildflowers in your hair. And let’s not forget the classic messy bun, the low pony with a twist, and a quasi-Bardot high pony tied with a scarf.


“The trend is towards an increasingly natural result. So that women and girls can recognize themselves and can reproduce it at home,” Laforet explains. Each hairstyle is designed to be low maintenance, and use tricks that involve minimal product, so that “casual” hairstyle doesn’t look like a sticky mess by the end of the day, but actually looks more natural as it’s exposed to the elements.

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