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5 Dishes to Try in Paris

Say you only have a day in Paris. What would you eat?

That is probably one of the hardest decisions a person could ever make. Luckily, adventurers Eric and Allison from the YouTube channel The Endless Adventure, have made your decision for you by recommending the best 5 dishes to try in Paris.

Their first stop of the day is for a French classic: the crêpe. While you can get these anywhere on the streets of Paris, they decided to go to Chez Alain Miam Miam, a famous crêperie at the Marché des Enfants Rouge in the 3ème arrondissement. Next, Eric and Allison make their way through famous French pastries, like macarons from Pierre Hermé, and croissants from Maison Grégoire. To finish up the day, they end with a few classic French dishes at Les Philosophes cafe: steak tartare and soupe à l’oignon (French onion soup).

Watch their (mouthwatering) food tour of the city here:


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