20 French Slang Terms You Didn’t Know You Needed

Trying to stay updated on the current flow of a language is hard when you’re not speaking it every day. Slang words go in and out of style from minute to minute, which is why it’s important to keep hitting “refresh” on your vocab list, so to speak.

In this video, travel and language vlogger Eve of YouTube channel The Urban Eve shows viewers how to use 20 different French slang phrases that will help you fit in with the natives. Eve covers some of the more standard colloquial expressions like Quoi de neuf? (“What’s new?”) and faire dodo (“to take a nap”). But she also goes into more adventurous territory with fun expressions such as nanani nanana (the French equivalent of “yada yada”), and MDR (short for mort de rire, what French people use when texting instead of “LOL”). It’s a pretty thorough list, but you might want to skip the flash cards on these ones and try them on the streets of Paris for yourself.


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