17 Jokes Only People Who Speak French Will Get

Photo composite by Frenchly

French is a marvelously complex language. And one of the trickiest parts of learning a new language can be understanding the subtleties and cultural landmines laying in wait when it comes to humor. Here are a few jokes you might only understand if you’ve spent a little time studying French.

1. Seven ate nine


2. Miranda got a little peckish

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3. Fun with bread

4. Fun with verbs

5. Video games have gotten so sophisticated

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6. Snail you later

7. How many words for one sound can there be?

8. Ç

9. Darth Père

10. So. Many. Vowels.

11. Sounds delicious

12. When Tumblr meets Google Translate

13. Command + Option + Esc

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14. French Kids Are Sassy

15. A little perspective can be useful

16. Bring back pluto

17. Where can I buy this on a t-shirt?