13 Zoom & Insta-Friendly French-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Halloween this year is going to look a little bit different. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression on a small screen. Up your game with a custom Zoom background to match (instructions on how to do that here). And remember that the right filter can be just as much part of your costume as the clothes themselves.

1. Jeanne Damas

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Cheating on Charlie 🐾

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Instagram’s favorite French girl is easy to mimic, as she’s rarely seen not wearing the signature Rouje dress from her clothing line. Pair it with messy bangs and a blurry lip, and throw a 70s filter on it for that “authentic” vintage look.

2. Lily-Rose Depp & Timothée Chalamet

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Tag a friend who needs to see this. #getshipped

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This famous Franco-American millennial couple was not built to last, but the memes inspired by their infamous makeout sesh on a boat in Italy will be hard to forget. All you need is red swim trunks and a cheetah-print bikini. Hold up signs with quotes from your favorite memes (some ideas here), or add them in post.

3. Brigitte Bardot

This one is perfect, because it’s really all about the eyes and hair. Makeup artist Violette does a great tutorial on how to get that iconic smokey eye look. Pile your hair up in a blonde bouffant and tada: God (and that clutch filter) created woman.

4. Emily in Paris

The surprise Netflix hot mess that was Emily in Paris, despite its many, many flaws, had some truly spectacular (and horrifying) fashion moments, courtesy of Sex and the City costume designer, Patricia Field. Anything loud, layered, and 90s will do. Got a hot pink blazer and a bouquet of roses? Done. Plaid bucket hat, silk scarf, and stuffed heart Eiffel Tower charm? Perfect. But the go-to would probably be red beret and black-and-white checkered wool coat. Don’t forget to use about a million emojis and hashtags. 

5. Macaron

Your usual macaron costume is all about showing off the legs, but you can cheat this one by turning your video off and making your default pic a pile of Laduree’s finest.

6. Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

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#audreyhepburn #funnyface #funnyfaceaudrey

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Audrey Hepburn has worn a lot of notable looks, but the head-to-toe black beat uniform she wears in Funny Face, where she is swept off to Paris to model for an ever-charming Fred Astaire, is about as easy as it gets. Get a cheesy 1950s soundstage Paris backdrop for Zoom, and throw on a tan trench coat if you get chilly.

7. Amélie

To recreate Audrey Tatou’s iconic character in Amélie, all you need is a short black bob with bangs, a red or green cardigan (ideally over a polka-dotted dress), and a mischievous smile. Maybe keep a spoon on hand just in case. Add a gnome, or have your partner dress up as the gnome, to finish the look.

8. Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour

Actress Catherine Deneuve in her breakout role as Séverine Sérizy played a bored housewife moonlighting as a high class prostitute… with a wardrobe entirely designed by YSL. Get a blonde blowout, black or tan trench coat, and this black knit hat, and put on your best wingtip eyeliner, icy demeanor, and vintage filter.

9. Karl Lagerfeld

Gone but never forgotten, the former Creative Director of Chanel embodied one of the most recognizable aesthetics in fashion every day. Pull your hair back into a low pony, wear a black tie, jacket, gloves, sunglasses, and white button down, and make sure to keep the rescue cat you picked up in April in your lap at all times. 

10. Carla Bruni

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Des années à y penser, des mois à l’écrire, une semaine de bonheur à l’enregistrer avec une joyeuse bande, des films et des vidéos pour immortaliser le moment puis l’attente de sa fabrication. Aujourd’hui, il est sorti ! Je vous le confie, j’espère que vous l’aimerez un peu et que certaines chansons deviendront pour vous comme des amies. Voilà. Il est à vous. Je lui souhaite belle et longue vie en votre compagnie et une bonne journée à vous 😚🎶💿 A few years thinking about it, a couple of months writing it, one week in a recording studio with a crazy bunch, a few pictures and videos to immortalize the moment and then the wait… Today it’s out ! It’s in your hands. I hope it will have a long and happy life by your side and that some of the songs will be sweet friends to you 🎶😘 Merci @albindelasimone @tao.70 @cybarbox @francoispoggio @chassinraphael @laurentbinder @sylvain.taillet @labelbarclay @alainlalala @universalmusicgroup @studiosferber @studiosdelaseine @michelamsellem @jeremy_reynolds_paris @calogerofficiel @julienclercofficiel à Valeria Bruni Tedeschi @zzoimage @yannorhan @sloslo_creative_agency @timotheehilst @clementlomellini @marion.anee @sweetmayia #newalbum #outtoday #linkinbio

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The former First Lady of France just released a new eponymous album, her first collection of original songs in seven years. Honor the former supermodel’s style with wide-leg jeans, white shirt, vest, and acoustic guitar. Put the album on in the background to set a mellow, upbeat mood.

11. GIMS

This giant of French rap is known for his signature sunglasses, which he talks about in his recent Netflix documentary as the mark of his “character.” Try slipping into the role yourself with sunglasses and a fancy hoodie or fake fur.

12. Marie Antoinette

Perfect for anyone who’s been waiting out quarantine at their house in the Hamptons. Thanks to video calls, you can lounge on your sofa/chaise the entire time and still be in character. Use a still from Sofia Coppola’s decadent film as a background, put as many jewels and feathers in your hair as you can fit, and find out if your prom dress or wedding gown still fits.

13. Mondrian

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Composition No.10

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If you are going to some sort of in-person gathering, keep yourself safe with a mask modeled after one of Piet Mondrian’s famous works of art. Go with an all-black ensemble so that your face is the star of the show.