13 French Fashion Brands to Shop This Summer

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Summer 2021 is officially Hot Girl Summer, new and improved. You’re getting out of lockdown, the weather’s warming up, and you’ve spent the entire last year in sweatpants. So consider this your formal blessing to go out and get an entire new wardrobe. May we suggest one of these fabulous French brands?

1. Maison Château Rouge

Named for the Paris neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement, Maison Château Rouge is inspired by African heritage, which manifests in bright colors, mixed textiles, and fun graphic t-shirts. Committed to social responsibility, the fashion house is involved with the organization Les Oiseaux Migrateurs, which focuses on building prosperity in African nations.

2. The Kooples

Designed for couples shopping in mind, The Kooples is known for classic, high-end pieces with just the right touch of flair. This season calls for silky, floaty dresses and the palest of pastel suits, perfect for that garden party you’ve always talked about throwing. Check out their current collaboration with Retrosuperfuture.

3. Ernest Leoty


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Known as “couture for leisure,” Ernest Leoty makes the outfits you need for transitioning out of fifteen months in sweatpants. They also make gorgeous swimwear, because you deserve to show off whatever kind of quarantine body you’ve got, whether you’re hiding out under a pool umbrella or diving into the ocean.

4. Ysé


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Ysé is a lingerie and swimwear brand guaranteed to give you Brigitte Bardot flirting naked with her neighbor on the Riviera sexiness. Push the envelope with a casual but saucy bodysuit and jeans, or really ramp it up with their beautifully detailed bra and panty sets. Their new Été Nostalgie (Summer Nostalgia—exactly the vibe we’re going for) collection was just released this weekend.

5. La Semaine Paris


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Founded by Instagram influencer Gabrielle Caunesil, La Semaine Paris is, like its founder, a perfect blend of French timelessness and Italian vivaciousness, and was created with both sustainability and women empowerment in mind. This season, we’re thinking big sleeves and lemon prints, for daydreamy lusciousness and indulgent femininity.

6. French-York

We know you’ve been living in that one back-of-the-drawer t-shirt from middle school that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out. Well, time for a refresh. French-York has the eco-friendly, quirky and comfortable t-shirts and pullovers you want for a sunny morning in the garden, or a windy afternoon on a boat. Get one that says “La vie est un art” or, to cut to the chase, “Frenchy.”

7. Rosaé Paris


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Rosaé Paris is making small batch local clothing items made in Europe, from organic flax, tweed, and denim. They’re all about subtle textures that really make these perfect Parisian pieces. This summer is screaming tasteful ruffles, seersucker, and matching headbands à la Blair Waldorf.

8. Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot is a French fashion veteran who opened a clothing company “for the women of Paris.” Her clothes, which are leaning towards white cotton dresses, eyelet lace, and wide-legged pants (with the option of tying off at the ankle for a unique silhouette), are currently part of a mid-season sale, which means the time to shop is now.

9. Parisienne et Alors

Parisienne et Alors sounds like how you would vaguely describe your goal aesthetic, and it’s not that far off. The looks for this summer are desert-inspired and cosmopolitan, with bold patterns and matching top-and-bottom sets for those days when you have a million places to be and no time at all to dig through the still-unpacked box of summer clothes in the back of your closet. They’re also sustainable, made in France, and donate a portion of their proceeds to environmental charities.

10. Modetrotter


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Modetrotter was founded by Marie Courroy to showcase clothes from some of her favorite brands, before incorporating her own looks. We’re obsessed with her big fat “Escaler” vertical stripes and her “Moune” collection of crisp white flowery lace confections. The limited edition capsule collections are only available for a short amount of time, so order now or miss out.

11. Flair

What better way to go from lingerie to fully clothed, and slim out your figure in the process? With a bodysuit, of course. Flair makes bodysuits with mouthwatering silhouettes that you can dress up or down with the right skirt or pair of shorts, or even just wear on their own around the house. May we suggest something black and backless for those hot, sweaty nights ahead?

12. Gaâla


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Gaâla’s dreamy, romantic sustainable luxury pieces seem something like a girlier cousin of Rouje. Silky glamor, dainty floral prints, and long rows of pearly fabric buttons make their clothes a vintage vision, updated for the modern professional and made locally from upcycled materials.

13. La Redoute


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If you’re not already shopping La Redoute, you’re missing out. Once a catalogue fashion company with history dating back to the 1800s, they are the perfect place to get understated French staples at an affordable price point. Inspired by “natural Parisian chic” and aimed at women who “like fashion without being a fashionista,” La Redoute offers a wide variety of selections from luxury brands as well as its own lines.

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