12 Resolutions for Living Your Best French Life in 2020

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An entirely new decade is almost upon us. The year 2019 brought tons of social change — think Greta Thunberg and the endless French grèves — as well as new ideas for us to consider for the next years to come.

It’s the time of the year when its okay to slow down on the post-holiday sale shopping, write down some reflections, commit to a few resolutions, and all the better if they are French-inspired. We’ve compiled our list of resolutions for 2020. Hopefully you find a few inspiring and adopt them as well.


1. Shop vintage 

2019 was the year when sustainability became fashionable. But not only that, buying vintage is clean and eco-responsible in regards to our planet. Buying used or vintage clothing is the ultimate contribution to conscious shopping (and France has been doing it for ages). With all the fabulous French vintage shops, you might save a dime and up your style. After all, French style is about key pieces, not feeding in to trends.

2. Buy fresh flowers 

It’s as simple as having other living things in the house that helps a winter mood. Insider advice, sometimes the simplest flowers at WholeFoods or Trader Joes cost $2 to $5 and they look equally as lovely as a pricier bouquet when bought in bunches.

3. Learn how to ride a bike 

Since you never know when the grève is on again or the metro isn’t working, it’s time to learn how to ride a bike. (Félicitations to you if you already know how!) You don’t even need your own set of wheels because of the ubiquity of bike sharing services. Protect the planet, get some exercise, and make it to places even if other transport isn’t running.

4. Recycle

Adding on to the sustainable revolution, recycle better. Build a compost and/or try to buy less produce that comes in any sort of containers, wraps, etc. The market is the place to go! Plus, avoid the plastics. France is banning single-use plastics right and left — join the movement!

5. Be politically informed 

This should be a given but with so many things happening from London to Caracas, we really need to be in the know to act as proper citizens of the world. You can start by learning about some of what’s been happening with the SNCF and RATP protests. And really, you need to be prepared for those late-night political discussions that all French people seem to have over dessert, drinks or cigarettes.

6. Reassess your drinking habits

Any bar-hop starts with a pinte or five, but that’s not necessarily healthy for that (beer) belly. Also, France has other wonderful wines and spirits like champagne and cognac. Or feel free to exchange all together for a green juice. The health revolution is reaching France too (there are a lot of California-inspired and vegetarian and vegan eateries now).

7. Bring your own bag 

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We all have loads of tote bags or if you don’t you can purchase one to bring to the supermarket to avoid using plastic or paper bags.

8. Take (long) weekend trips

Weekend vacations are reportedly even better for you than longer ones and the French are masters at this. In fact, if there is a public holiday on one end of the week, they faire le pont to take an extra day off and expand the vacation into a four-day trip.

9. Be a flâneur / flâneuse

Take more aimless walks just for the sake of letting your mind relax. It’s proven to be beneficial emotionally and mentally. (Here’s an informative book to help you get started.)

10. Learn about wine

The French are known for knowing about and loving wine (though certainly not all do). Enjoy wine more by learning about it. Instead of going out, host a wine tasting and enjoy an evening of chatter and wine education.

11. Take a vacation to French territories

While France has plenty of exhilarating locations to explore, the French territories including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion island, and others are also official French territories — with a tropical twist — worth visiting.

12. Take care of your body

A Hammam, sauna, massage, or even a swanky Caudalie spa in Bordeaux — the French love to treat themselves. Take a day for yourself, even if just getting a manicure at the corner nail salon.

Featured image: Stock Photos from Kirayonak Yuliya / Shutterstock