Paris In 12 Hours: How To Hit All The Best Spots

Though it might be tempting to spend a week, a semester, or even the rest of your life exploring Paris, peeking down every cobblestoned alley and tasting every croissant, sometimes, you just don’t have the time.

In this video, travel vloggers Christian LeBlanc and Katy Esquivel try to hit all the major tourist spots in Paris (and get in some good eats) in only 12 hours. The big secret? It might seem obvious, but you need to get on the move early and take an Uber if you need to. Watch the sunrise from the Sacré Cœur, grab some pastries at a local boulangerie, and head for the Louvre. These places will get packed later in the day, but early on they’ll still be calm each for you to be able to snag a few good photos. LeBlanc also recommends seeing to city by motorbike if you’ve got the guts for it and don’t want to spend a lot of your transit time underground (it’s surprisingly affordable).


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