11 Reasons to Get Your Bachelor’s in Management in Europe

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1. Thrive in a diverse and multicultural environment

Students come from all over the world to study management at Europe’s universities. You’ll be surrounded not just by people like you but by peers with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

2. Make personal growth and gain independence

You could stay in your hometown and go to college with your high school friends… or you could be adventurous. Studying in a different country will allow you to become more independent, self-reliant, and adaptable. You’ll be mastering three skills that are necessary assets for becoming a future business leader.

3. Get impressive internships and social impact projects

The best universities like ESCP Europe, with more than 55,000 alumni in 150 countries worldwide, have strong links to the French corporate world, and can connect you up with a top company for an internship or project. That’s real-world experience before you ever get your diploma, and the kind of experience that impresses future employers. In fact, six out of ten employers around the world are impressed by candidates with international experience.

4. Develop your intercultural skills

To work in management, you have to have great people skills. Americans speak loudly, make sounds of agreement while others are talking, and generally love to give hugs… which, in other countries, might not get you very far or could work against you. By collaborating with students of other cultures who are also studying abroad, you’ll be expanding your ability to think bigger than your Anglophone norms as you work on your people skills.

5. All of Europe is at your fingertips

When you’re in Europe, tens of countries are just a quick plane or train ride away. European universities want you to take advantage of that. In ESCP Europe’s three-year Bachelor in Management (BSc) program, you spend each year in a different city. Start your program on their campus in central Paris (or London), then maybe spend year two in Madrid, Turin, or Paris, and year three in Berlin or Paris!


6. Make global connections

In a world that’s rapidly globalizing, with businesses crossing oceans and partnerships extending into different time zones, you need to have international connections. Whether it’s your professor that used to work at BNP Parisbas or the guy in your Monday class with a flourishing start-up in Sydney, you’re going to establish connections all over the world in your management program.

7. Improve your French language skills

Just because you’ll be surrounded by a multitude of languages and English-speakers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your French! And not just for the love of the language: French is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Universities like ESCP Europe let you take a mix of classes in French and English, or just in English if you’d prefer to improve your language skills outside the classroom.

8. Develop your soft skills

You can rely on your personable American habits to get someone to talk to you, but then you actually have to get them to listen to you. ESCP Europe works on your soft skills. On campus, you can take workshops and seminars to improve your writing abilities, communication and rhetoric skills, and your presentation techniques.


9. Enjoy French culture

Admit it, you want to philosophize over glasses of wine and debate the benefits of capitalism over a cheese platter. Being in the country that values taking life a little slower, having arguments, and getting involved with art and culture, is never a bad thing. (Plus, the cost of living is way cheaper in Paris than in most major U.S. cities.)

10. Get experience in multinational teamwork

Working remotely. It’s a skill that you rarely get experience with until you’re hired. With campuses in different countries, ESCP Europe will have you working in Paris on projects with students in Madrid or on another campus. Being an active member of a team — without ever physically being there —is something people working in management have to be masters at.

11. The Bachelor’s in Management is internationally recognized

After you do the most educational, formative three years of your life and get your degree, the degree really matters. ESCP’s Bachelor of Science in Management meets international standards, making it a recognizable degree all over the world.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Bachelor’s in Management at ESCP Europe. Find out more here about their internationally acclaimed program.

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