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105-Year-Old French Cyclist Sets Distance World Record

French cyclist Robert Marchand set a new distance world record last week for the furthest distance cycled in one hour, earning the top spot in a new age category: riders over 105. The centenarian cyclist rode 22.547km within one hour at the national velodrome.

Besides being the only 105-year-old breaking records for cycling in France, Marchand has an incredibly interesting past. Having been alive for 105 years, Marchand has been through a lot including being a firefighter in Paris in the 30’s, a prisoner of war during World War II, a truck driver in Venezuela after the war and then a lumberjack in Canada. He only took up cycling later in life, when he was 68 years old.

After setting the world record Marchand was incredibly humble, saying that he probably could have done better. Still, seeing a 105-year-old be that spry and energetic is an inspiration for us all.

See Marchand set a new world record:


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