100 Years of French Fashion in Less Than 5 Minutes

It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. They fly by like metro cars, and you simply pray that you can hop onto one before it speeds off and leaves you in the dust.

So it can be helpful to remind yourself that while those trends seem so ephemeral, it’s all part of an evolutionary process. This Glamour video shows 100 years of French fashion, quite a feat in only four and a half minutes. Beginning with Poiret’s 1910s “La Perse” coats and ending with a very different style of jacket by Céline, this video takes you through some of the high points of French fashion.


While not every designer listed is technically French (Schiaparelli was Italian and Alaïa was Tunisian-born), all were based out of Paris and had enormous influence on French style. It’s disappointing that greats like Yves Saint-Laurent and Balmain didn’t make the list, but you just can’t fit everyone in such a short time span. But that doesn’t mean their looks don’t still spell the fate of French fashion as we know it.