10 Reasons To Date A French Guy

Valentine’s Day is here, and there’s no better way to spread love for France than by sharing the love for French men.

At least, that’s what American vlogger Kate of Unintentionally Frenchified (and New Zealander Rosie of Not Even French) seem to think. In this video, Kate and Rosie share the things they absolutely love about being with French guys. The highlights? A lot less toxic masculinity, for starters. Whether it’s being able to order matching Cosmos at the bar or share a kiss in the metro, French guys are just more comfortable with themselves, and don’t feel the need to showboat as much. They also tend to be well-groomed, well-traveled (at least, compared to the average American), and let’s not forget about that accent…


So grab your mascara, brush up on your French dating vocab, and snag one of those baguette-eating cuties before the winter is over!