10 Beauty Tips French Women Use Everyday

“French beauty” can seem like a concept riddled with contradictions. Half the cosmetics on pharmacy shelves are labeled in French, yet we’re told that, “French women don’t wear a lot of makeup.” So who’s lying, the cosmetics companies or the women?

Enter French fashion designer and vlogger Justine Leconte with this guide of beauty tips “that are no more natural to French women, but maybe not so obvious if you’re not French.” A lot of things dermatologists have told us for years are here, like drinking lots of water and moisturizing daily, as well as using products with more natural ingredients. But the most refreshing detail Leconte admits is that most French women look the way they do because they take the time to experiment with new products, and that while you may have “woke up like this,” that’s probably because you put in a lot of effort before you went to bed.


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