Not Dating in Paris? “The Parisians” Says It All!

Gigi, frustrated and singing "The Parisians" (c) MGM

Once again, music expresses my frustrations with love better than I ever will.

The 1958 movie-musical Gigi follows the story of the care-free French girl Gigi. Her Great Aunt Alicia tries to teach her to be a well-behaved young lady so she can land a rich husband, but Gigi is not interested. She doesn’t want that kind of forced and formal love. So like all good girls in movie-musicals, she sings about it.

In the song “The Parisians”, Gigi declares repeatedly, “I don’t understand the Parisians!” and laments their love of love. My favorite lines are, “Anytime, and under every tree in town / they’re in session two by two. / What a crime with all there is to see in this town / they can’t find something else to do.”

While everyone is kissing their lover at midnight, sing “The Parisians” and wish for a bonne année next year.