Mademoiselle Agnès Est La Femme Gucci 2017

Vogue star Mademoiselle Agnès, known for time traveling hilariously through the history of fashion at Vogue Paris, is now the face of Gucci’s 2017 cruise wear.

Haven’t heard of Mademoiselle Agnès? It’s ok. She’s pretty elusive. Agnès Boulard is a fashion columnist and TV producer. But Mademoiselle Angès dons the clothing of another century, changes her voice, hair and mannerisms and talks about fashion and art of another time, like the 1970’s or 1920’s for example. It’s pretty hilarious to watch.

And now, Mademoiselle Agnès is another woman altogether: She’s the face of Gucci’s 2017 cruise wear. Looking positively fabulous in her Paris apartment, Agnès shows how to mix drinks, take your coffee, and explore Paris while wearing the colorful Gucci get up.

Let’s just say that walking around the streets of Paris, holding a drink and wearing Gucci’s latest fashions is my life goal.

Watch Mademoiselle Agnès’ latest adventure: