Comedian Paul Taylor says: WTF France?!

Paul Taylor criticizing the French language in "WTF France?!" on Canal+

Everyone’s thinking it, “WTF France?!” but it took British, French-speaking comedian Paul Taylor to say it.

(NSFW) Taylor is from Britain but resides in France, performing at Le SoGymnase, recording his podcast, and starring in his weekly segment on Canal+ “What the F**k France?!” Every week, for 3 minutes, Taylor gripes to his French alter-ego Jean Pierre about France, a cultural tradition, or a societal norm. He’s taken shots at strikes, poo-pooed the Parisiennes, and flamed out at French cheese. It’s witty, it’s quick, and definitely worth the watch.

Check out his video on the French language (without kids around—it’s not kid-friendly frustration!)