Bao Buns Every Day at Boutique Yam ‘Tcha

When a Michelin-starred restaurant decides to move over to a new spot, there’s endless talk of construction work and anticipation about the reopening date. What if you could make everyone forget about relocation and have them focus on delicious treats to soften the wait?

Soften, indeed, especially when it comes to the deliciously fluffy and juicy baos at Boutique Yam’Tcha. Adeline Grattard and husband Chi Wah Chan are the talents behind famed Parisian restaurant Yam’Tcha where French, Chinese and Hong Kong inspirations unite to create harmonious and waitlist-worthy dishes. As Yam’Tcha prepared the move into a new space, the duo looked east, reminiscing about the warm and juicy steamed buns, baos, found everywhere in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.


Enter Boutique Yam’Tcha, a true bao heaven open seven days a week. Grattard’s signature recipe brings stilton and cherries together inside the fluffy steamed dough, but other tempting variations include basque pork and black trumpet mushrooms or a smoked tofu bao – and more. Classic Hong Kong XO sauce, made in-house, is available to take home in various flavors, as is a selection of teas. Take a look around on your way out: no, you’re not in Hong Kong. You’re right at the heart of Les Halles.