In 2017, World Prepares For French Election

Europe, and the entire world, is looking towards France for what will happen in the future. Now that 2017 has arrived, we are mere months away from the French presidential election, the results of which will be known on May 7th. The election could be one of the most influential moments of the upcoming year.

With the populist right movement growing in France as the country deals with immigration, Islamophobia and fear of terrorism, many are asking the one question: Is it possible that Marine Le Pen will win?

But a win by extreme right Le Pen isn’t the only thing to be thinking about. Currently, the only candidate who seems to be able to stand up to the National Front‘s popularity is the Conservative party’s François Fillon, who has some equally radically conservative ideas as Le Pen. If former Prime Minsiter Manuel Valls can gain some of the popularity that his party lost with President François Hollande, he may stand a chance at beating both the conservative candidates out.

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